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Here at Boss WP we cover plugin reviews but also spend some time on reviewing the hosting options available (well, to run WordPress you need to have hosting).

For those beginners out there, hosting is having somewhere to save your files. Like on your computer. But these files are accessible to the world. To host your website to the world you need a hosting company (you could try doing it yourself but it’s not easy).

When you’re up and running on a hosting company you can then install WordPress (which saves WordPress files on your system).  In today’s post we look at BlueHost. This is a popular web host which now (like many of our other hosts) have started offering specialised WordPress hosting solutions.

What is BlueHost hosting?

Well, they’re simple hosting with a clear pricing structure depending on your needs. The pricing is detailed below

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 09.51.01

Taking a look at each in turn we have:-

  1. Shared: this is where your website shares its resources with other websites on the same server (computer) think of this like being at work, and having all your files saved on a shared drive, but your colleagues also take up some space on the shared drive. You can’t see their files though so your secure that way. But if someone else uses up all the memory, your site performance will suffer. It’s great for starting off though
  2. VPS: the next level up from shared. This is where you get your own part of a server (effectively a partition) that doesn’t get its resources drained if someone else uses all the memory or bandwidth. They get quite expensive though, compared with the shared plan.
  3. Dedicated: the next level up again. Serious stuff for when you have a serious website up and running with lots of traffic.

So, for most people starting off a shared plan is best and we really do love Bluehost, they’re super easy to get started and their support is fantastic. Of course there’s plenty of alternatives which we will cover in another post.

You can check out what Bluehost has to offer by following this link

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